Relaxation of COVID restrictions

More relaxed rules at the AWMA bar

  • No more booking system – no need to book tables in the bar; first come first served as it was before.
  • No more rule of six on tables but be cautious of numbers on one table
  • No more one-way system – Use Main Entrance for everything as before. Please use common sense when passing each other in corridors.
  • Bar service
    • Some people will be happy to come to the bar to order and collect their drinks. For them a queueing system will be in place. Please observe this.
    • Some will still be anxious about queuing, and so the system of at-table ordering via the QR code will still be in place. Drinks will be delivered to a collection point, rather than to the table
    • We will still clear tables as they become free
  • The main door to the building will be left open during the day for access to toilets.

However, the virus has not gone away so we are asking you to:

  • Wear a face covering when moving around in all indoor areas
  • Log in – preferably via the NHS app and QR code; if this is not possible, leave your name and contact details at the bar