Adel Players Present “Spirit Level”

Adel Players present SPIRIT LEVEL by Pam Valentine
Wednesday-Saturday,10-13 April, 7.30 pm, Adel Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Adel, LS16 8DE
Spirit Level is a light comedy with a strong streak of fantasy. It’s about couples young and old and the strange ways in which human relationships develop.
Jack and Susie drowned in a boating accident while on holiday in the Italian Lakes and they now haunt their old cottage, staving off boredom by scaring the estate agent and tormenting the various tenants who rarely stay long. Then a young couple arrive, Simon and his wife Flic. Simon wants to be a writer but is struggling for inspiration; his wife is pregnant; they are chronically short of money; and Flic’s mother is doing everything she can to break them up.
Jack and Susie take a liking to the young couple and are drawn more and more into their lives. As crisis approaches and Flic’s terrifying mother arrives, they accidentally summon up Susie’s Guardian Angel to help, and before long Susie’s mother and the local estate agent have some nasty surprises.
Will Simon and Flic live happily ever after, and will Jack and Susie ever escape from limbo? Come to the play and find out!
“I was enchanted when I first read this play,” says director Alan Foale. “It’s a play to lift your spirits. It was so fresh that it held my attention throughout. It made me laugh out loud and it left me to reflect on human nature without ever feeling that someone was lecturing me.”
This is an amateur production presented by permission of Josef Weinberger Ltd.
Tickets (£8) can be reserved by phoning 0113-2755585 or by e-mailing
The AWMA bar will be open from 4.30pm Wednesday – Friday and from Midday on Saturday.
Box Office opens at 6.45pm