Adel Players Present Haunting Julia

First produced in Scarborough in 1994, Haunting Julia is essentially a ghost story. The play is set on the top floor of the Julia Lukin Centre, a bespoke combination of museum, shrine and music school. Here the attic bedroom has been recreated in which Julia, a musical prodigy, lived as a student and died a tragic, untimely death at the age of nineteen. Along one side is the viewing area, on the bed her favourite teddy bear. Three men gather in this room, each with his own connection to Julia, and, as they discuss the events leading up to the apparent suicide twelve years before, a series of eerie phenomena begins to take over the building. Has Julia gone for good or is she preparing one final, terrifying appearance?

Tickets Cost £8. To book, contact Mike and Anne Andrews on 0113 275 5585 or e-mail.
The AWMA bar will be open from 4.30pm Wednesday to Friday and from Midday on Saturday. Box Office opens at 6.45pm